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Hand Rub
From M.R.P. Rs. 50
Tulsi Pomade
From M.R.P. Rs. 75
Hand Rub Sanitizer Set
From M.R.P. Rs. 200
"Indulge in the holistic beauty of Rosa Herbalcare Hair and Body Care Ingredient Range, a premium selection infused with herbal excellence. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of roses and meticulously chosen botanicals that redefine your beauty routine. Our range of herbal-infused ingredients offers a symphony of natural goodness, promoting radiant hair and nourished skin. Elevate your self-care experience with Rosa Herbalcare – where every product is a celebration of herbal purity. Explore the transformative power of our Hair and Body Care Ingredient Range, and discover the synergy of nature's bounty in every application. Unveil a journey of holistic well-being, naturally."